a few words about brandon butler

Brandon Butler

Some History Behind My Web Design Skills.

I’m a 30 year-old website designer and developer. I began as a teenager who wanted a personal website for my music recordings. This was circa 2006. I remember that my first website was not that great, but I became immersed in it. After extensive years of studying and acquiring more skill and clients, I flourished into a top website developer. I studied the ins and outs and stayed up-to-date with the always changing web development industry. From learning new code and trends to internet marketing and SEO. These extra fields outside of web design have helped me to develop a sharper eye for layouts and structure. I optimize my websites to help maximize visitors, thus leading to more revenue or exposure to the client. My clients range from a to z. I build websites for individuals on a budget as well as businesses that make 7 figures in a year.

I sold my first large website project in 2007 and have been building upon my business ever since. I’ve worked with clients all over the country (and the UK). Earning a living by doing something that I love is a career that I’m fortunate for. Thank you for visiting and I can’t wait to develop a relationship with you for your next website or graphic design project. Contact me for a quote.