Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

There’s an insane amount of new websites that hit the web every day. Some will be successful, some will fail. Having a website in 2017 is a no-brainer. Especially if you are selling a product or service.

Some business owners may ask, “why do I need a web designer?”. The simple answer is that we know what we’re doing!

There’s 4 scenarios that occur when an individual has an idea to create a website.

1. They try to figure out how to do it themselves

I’ve had many clients come to me needing my services after they had given it a go by themselves. It ended up with days of frustration and headaches for them. After all the hard work they put into trying to do it themselves, they had to let it all go. We understand that frustration.

2. They get a non-web designer tech savvy friend or family member to do it

This happens sometimes as well. Clients have come to me that had someone they know set up the site for them. It is a great deed, for sure. But unfortunately that friend or family member doesn’t do this for a living, so the site is typically left unfinished because they’re not getting paid for it and they have higher priorities in their busy lives, like their regular job, which is completely understandable. On top of that, although it was a very nice thing for them to do, they lack the experience it takes to create a great website from head to toe. A website that will attract visitors.

3. They hire someone really, really cheap.

This is the most popular one for me. Often times, a client will come knocking at my door with a poorly constructed or unfinished website. I usually have to start from scratch on these as they can be so out of whack that I can’t work with the poor coding. The client ends up losing more money than if they had hired someone reputable in the first place. You get what you pay for, so they say.

4. They hire an experienced freelance web designer or firm.

A professional web developer will typically do what they can to make their customers happy. They love repeat business and they love referrals. They also love to show off the work they’ve done. They’re proud of a service that has taken years to fine tune. With that said, they’ll polish your site until you’re happy and help you keep it maintained over time.

Whoever you decide to choose for your next website project, whether it be myself or another web design business, make sure you choose someone that is responsive to phone calls, emails, has a professional approach, knowledge in this field, a solid portfolio and reviews (it doesn’t hurt to also make sure that their own site is pleasing to look at). These are signs that you’ll probably have a pleasant experience with them.